Single Shot Hardening

Single Shot Hardening - Overview

Unlike traverse hardening the single shot process utilises an inductor which surround the component axially rather than circumferentially. Because the flow of current is axial it is necessary to rotate the component during the heat cycle at typically between 100 and 500rpm.

Single shot hardening is typically used for shafts with multiple diameters or an irregular shape to overcome the problems associated with incorrect quenching. It also offers significantly reduced time cycles over traverse hardening techniques.

By utilising laminations or powder metallurgy loading type loading materials strategically placed along the inductor it is possible to control the heat pattern very precisely to achieve complex hardness patterns.

Induction Hardening Vertical Traverse

All single shot hardening systems feature the same principle elements as follows:

Single Shot Hardening - Case Study Traverse System

Application - Harden Drill Rod Threads.
Component Details - 6m long 35mm to 50mmØ rod with 10mm to 12mmØ Bore.
Process Requirement - Harden 150mm to 200mm threaded portion to a depth of 3mm.
Induction Equipment - ISI 350/10 D D-Type 350kW 10kHz power unit with multi ratio iron cored matching transformer and workstation.
Feed System - IHG55 HRTH 6m Horizontal work piece handling system with rotation and 1m traverse incorporating a shaft encoder encoder and digital positioning system.  The 1m traverse mechanism is designed to allow accurate positional control over the coil to cater for differences in rod length and provide optional 1m traverse hardening capability for an alternative low volume product.

The system features air operated chucks to allow loading and extraction of the components from a bar feeder arrangement. The quench collection system is built into the base and features all necessary pumps and filters. System control utilises a menu based programming system and HMI panel with error trapping and logging facility for quality control.

Full system diagnostics are provided for maintenance purposes by a graphics based password protected screen on the HMI. Work coils featuring ferrite loading to concentrate the magnetic flux and to increase effective power density and to increase overall system efficiency. Flood quench system.

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