Induction Forging Systems

What is Induction Bending?

Induction forging systems utilise the principles of electromagnetic induction to produce heat in a work-piece prior to deformation by a hammer or press. Induction heating offers the following benefits over more traditional methods.

Induction Forging Systems - Benefits

Twin Spindle Horizontal Traverse Induction Hardening

Induction Forging Systems - Applications

Bar End Heating Induction Forging

Bar End Heating Induction Forging

Bar end heating is typically used where only a portion of the bar is to be forged. Subject to the required throughput, handling systems can vary from simple 2 or 3 station pneumatic pusher systems to walking beams and conveyors. Typical applications of bar end heating are:

  • Hot heading of bolts
  • Anti roll bars
  • Mining tools

Billet Heating Induction Forging

In the induction billet heater the whole of the billet or slug is heated. Normally for short billets or slugs a hopper or bowl is used to automatically present the billets in line to pinch rollers, chain driven tractor units or in some cases pneumatic pushers. The billets are then driven through the coil one behind the other on water cooled rails or ceramic liners are used through the coil bore which reduce friction and prevent wear. The length of the coil is a function of the required soak time, the cycle time per component and the length of the billet. In high volume large cross section work it is not unusual to have 4 or 5 coils in series to give 5 m (16 ft) of coil or more. Typical parts processed by in line billet heating:

  • Small crankshafts
  • Camshafts
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic fittings
  • Hammer heads
  • Engine valves

Single Shot Induction Forging

For long billets, single shot heating can be used. This process utilises similar systems to bar end heating except that the whole of the billet is driven into individual coils. As with bar end heating the number of coils is governed by ?T required and the thermal properties of the material being heated. Typical parts processed by single shot billet heating:

  • Lorry axles
  • Marine camshafts

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