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Utilising the latest in CAD including 3D solid works and electronics simulation techniques, coupled with extensive induction heating and mechanical handling expertise we are the complete problem solving package.
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Induction Forging
Inductelec have many mini melt induction melting systems operating in industry. Materials processed include gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel and brass.
Induction Forging
Induction Hardening
Inductelec are able to offer a range of standard and bespoke induction heating systems for processing a range of traditional and non traditional components.
Induction Hardening

Welcome to Inductelec

Induction Heating is acknowledged as an engineering process which can be utilised in a wide range of Induction Heating Applications, Induction Hardening, Induction Forging Technology, Induction Heating Systems and Induction Machinery.

This specialist engineering sector operates in many other industries providing turnkey technology for industrial applications providing complete Thermal Engineering & Heat Treatment Solutions to a wide variety of traditional, non-standard and niche market processes. This site offers information on the Application of Induction Heating:

Induction Heating Applications Induction Heating Applications

There are many applications of Induction Heating Equipment across many sectors. Examples of some of these we have worked on are listed on this page.

Induction HardeningInduction Hardening

Induction Hardening has been used for many years in the automotive, aerospace and general engineering components industries.

Induction Hardening VideosInduction Hardening Videos

This section provides Induction Heating Videos and tutorial.

Induction Heating Products and Services cover many applications including Induction Bending, Induction Shrink Fitting and Induction Annealing. There are many aspects of Design, Manufacturing and Project Management to provide a complete solution for your industrial heating requirements. Specialist applications are also catered for with expertise in Induction Melting, Induction Bonding and Induction Soldering & Brazing.

Many of our products are deployed across the world and include RF Induction Heaters, MF Induction Heaters and Induction Heating Coils Systems. This should be supported buy a first class Service & Spares team and also Technical Support to all industrial Induction and Handling Systems.

Where is Induction Heating Applied?

There are many applications of Induction Heating Equipment across many sectors. Even in today's markets new applications are being matched to the latest Induction Heating Tehnologies particularly those in the Automotive, Off-Shore, Aerospace, Power Generation, General Engineering, Consumer Appliances and Multi-Material Composites Markets which all utilise Induction Heating Applications.

Manufacturing equipment, production methods and processes designed around traditional gas fired, electric and infra-red heating, especially in conjunction with ovens, furnaces and torches, including adhesives for bonding purposes, can in many cases be considerably improved upon, such that through the adoption of Induction Heating Technology, Equipment and Practices, many of the attributable features and benefits, cannot be replicated with any other forms of heating media.

Requiring much less standing floor area than conventional heating technology, Induction Heating Applications and equipment use considerably less energy and are demonstrably faster than any other comparable processes. Not only is this form of heating approach able to provide a more highly targeted and focused heat source, but it also generates a greatly improved level of consistently repeatable, product quality and finishes. Like most of the commercial world, Induction Heating equipment is driving the cost of production down with the development of energy efficient systems.

What is involved with the specification of Induction Heating to installation?

By utilising the latest in computer aided design including 3D solid works packages and sophisticated electronics simulation techniques coupled with extensive induction heating and mechanical handling expertise we encompass the complete problem solving package under one roof. From the simplest manually fed system to fully automated robot fed volume production units we aim to achieve the simplest, most efficient, cost effective and reliable solution.

Total control of the entire design procedure is ensured by successfully managing a series of core competences including, power unit design, inductor design, parts handling expertise, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical positional systems and PLC programming in house.

Our purpose built machining facility manned by highly motivated and skilled operators has CNC milling, Turning, drilling and general machining and inspection capability and is on hand to produce the machined components required for our systems giving exceptional control over quality, cost and supply chain integrity.

Subject to the project requirements we can draw from our pool of expertise and assemble a team of engineers with all the relevant skills to manage the critical elements of your project all of who will be overseen by a project manager. This project manager will be the main conduit to channel communication between Inductelec and the customer and will be responsible for the overall delivery of the system.

What are the logistics involved?

Like all high tech sectors progress in induction heating technology has been extremely rapid. New materials switching technologies and advances in magnetic techniques have made applications that seemed impossible or impractical a possibility. Smaller more compact and significantly more efficient units can lead to massive savings in floor space and overall power consumption.

Health and Safety legislation has rendered the use of some valve oscillator equipment non compliant particularly in applications requiring open coils and operator loading.

From coil design, advice on getting the best from your unit, Health and Safety issues, to a complete new system we are confident one of our experts will be able to assist.

Where can I find a Partnership with a supplier of Induction Heating?

There are a few world class commercial providers across the USA and within the EU. Inductelec is a UK based company with many years experience and expertise in this field. We work closely with centres of research and commercial trialists to ensure that we offer you the best Induction Heating specification & application for your industry sector. We also offer a wide range of financial options to allow you to update/upgrade your existing Induction Heating equipment.

What is the History of Induction Heating Technology?

Each project is different. In most cases, yes you can and we are always willing to discuss any queries you may have regarding Induction Heating requirements. This section will be added to shortly.

How much is a Typical Induction Heating System?

Our Induction Heating systems start from £3,000 to in excess of £50,000. Several of our customers require bespoke applications though we do offer a standard product range which has been operating in the market place for many years.

A crucial factor is our constant R&D programme which has allowed us to provide leading edge equipment to a wide range of sectors.